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Why are Anarkali suits always in fashion?

An Anarkali Salwar suit or fusion name of a dress is a form of women’s garment that takes its origin from a Golden City called Lahore which is in today’s Pakistan.

The Anarkali suit consists of a long top that is a flaring dress that goes well below the knee but is above the ankle. It is traditionally worn with slim fitted trousers called the churidar, but only if you wish. As an alternative modern look and feel, wear Lycra tight-fitting shaper shorts to smooth out the body silhouette. 



Flower Power Sequins Net Dress Abaya style

Flower Power Sequins Net Dress Abaya style

Anarkali means ‘delicate bud of a pomegranate flower’. This name shows the qualities of softness, vulnerability, innocence, and beauty of the beautiful ladies who wore Anarkalis. Anarkali suits owe their name to a fictional character Anarkali, who was a courtesan in the court of Mughal Emperor Akbar. She was known for her grace and beauty and her delicate gait in dance.

The Anarkali suit varies in many different lengths and embroideries including floor-length Anarkali styles.

Hybella Anarkali dresses are long or a one-piece dress that has a concealed zipper on the side.

  1. To start place your dress over your head so that it is held in a position where you feel comfortable.
  2. Place your right arm inside the dress so that the dress falls over your right side and then place the left arm in so it balances the drop of the dress when it falls over the head.
  3. Make sure the front neckline is in line with your face and the neckline moves down below your chin.
  4. Put your right arm in first into the armhole, followed by the other arm, then slide the dress slowly down over the chest area, making sure the lining is flowing down as well.
Exquisite Green Net Heavy Embroidery Bridal Reception
Exquisite Green Net Heavy Embroidery Bridal Reception
  • Whether you pull a dress over your head, a side zipper allows a few inches of room to maneuver through the garment.
  • The side seam is curvier than the centre back seam. This bias element makes wearing the dress more comfortable as it gives some flexibility. However, a zipper at the centre back is however straight and hence more stable.
Princess Pink Net Embroidery Glamour Lehenga
Princess Pink Net Embroidery Glamour Lehenga
  • Continue sliding the dress downwards, so that the neckline comes below your chin and the Anarkali skirt area moves comfortably rest on the waist and hips without gathering in the lower back area.
  • Look into a full-length mirror, to check whether any part of the dress or lining is jammed near the waist or back.
  • Also, check that the shoulders line sits comfortably on the top part of the shoulders.
  • Now you need to zip up the zipper of the dress.
  • Before you begin to zip up the dress make sure that there are no hanger strips or tags in the way of the zipper
  • Attach the hook and eye near the zip first. It will keep the zipper in a straight line and will make zipping up the dress much easier
  • Slowly start zipping up a dress. With one hand slowly inch the two sides closer and with the other hand zip up the dress
  • Run the zip only halfway down – stop just before the joint area. This is where the fabric overlaps and the zip normally tends to get stuck. The seam is likely to twist here and the zip gets stuck. Once in place zip it to check the garment and its tailored form.
  • Now that the top or the kurta of the Anarkali is worn, wear the leggings, shaper shorts, or the churidar so that the pleats or folds settle more towards the ankle. At the waist keep room at the backside so that you feel comfortable while sitting.
  • The Anarkali dress comes with a dupatta or a long sash that is to be work around the neck or comfortable draped across the shoulder
  • In case you are wearing the dupatta on one side make sure both the ends are equally on each side. If required you may secure the dupatta at the shoulder with a safety pin.
  • You can always wear the Anarkali as a western gown or frock. This gives a regal royal feel to you when you float into your gala party looking like a princess.


Is Anarkali a classic fashion?

Anarkali is a beautiful traditional ethnic wear that touches the soul when worn. It is a classic fashion item that will never go out of fashion. Anarkali under her real name Sharif un-Nissa belonged to a Sheikh Family, and also known as Nadira Begum, was a courtesan from Lahore, this dates back to 1599. She was part of making history. History never dies. Anarkali suits /dresses will always be in fashion. Anarkali suits have gained so much momentum in their texture and styles, in the way the fabric drapes beautifully across the body with modesty and grace radiating to illustrate innocence and lust.

What should a guest wear to a traditional Indian wedding function

Indian weddings are elaborate affairs, full of colour, food, jewellery, vibrant energy with the most stunning eye-catching clothes. As a wedding guest, you need to fit in like a puzzle piece. You can never go wrong with an Anarkali suit it will accommodate all religious ceremonies. Anarkali suits are long modest dresses that can have heavy or light work embroidery depending on your taste and style. They shape anybody giving a silhouette appearance.

What should you not wear to an Indian party or wedding

As a guest to an Indian wedding its good etiquette to not wear red since that’s the colour the bride will wear at her main reception however, modernisation is changing the colour palette to maroons and Silver. Tradition stands at Red. Try to avoid wearing short dresses or dresses that reveal too much as Indian weddings are conservative yet modern with many generations present but also rituals and ceremonies are religious that require ethnicity of a shy and modest nature by all that are present. Try to avoid Black, hats are not required. Indian weddings are glamorous, with sequins, heavy embroidery or zari work. .

How to style an Anarkali suit beautifully

When buying your Anarkali suit make sure it has a zipper on the side or at the back as its a all piece long maxi dress that can either be ankle touching or knee-length with legging style pajama underneath. You can style with 1) Your hair up or down depending on your neckline. If its a boat neck with a deep back then hair up looks radiant if a more close neckline then hair loosely down with tiny clips in the hair holding the style. 2) Jhumki / long earrings that match the Anarkali 3) You can if you wish to wear your dupatta draped on one side of the shoulder hanging loosely 4) High heels 5) Matching color plain bangles. Plain because the Anarkali suit will be patterned. 6) A necklace that is understated yet eye-catching. 7) Remember your elegance and etiquette, the grace of you being beautiful and kind. Take classes in etiquette to implement this in yourself.

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