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Best Fabrics for Dresses




of a Beautiful Woman

Beautiful dresses should be treated as an investment, a sustainable way of living. Know your dresses better, know the fabrics that suit your skin type. For example, do synthetic materials cause friction, a rash on your body, pimples on your skin. Familiarise yourself with fabric combinations that make the composition for the fabrics that float/fall beautifully on your skin. Textures and stiffness of the fabric play a huge part in the dress and how it fits and shapes your body type. Also, take into account some fabrics are not suitable for some styles and dress designs. For instance, you should not make a dress from stiff hard upholstery fabrics, this is essentially used for curtains and furniture.

Cotton & Linen – The Best Fabric for the Summer heat

Light, thin and soft, cotton is an ideal fabric for summers as it absorbs moisture. Cotton gives you a crispy, fresh and smart look.

Linen is a great natural fabric made from flax. It has a classy comfortable look and the clothes have a nice natural sheen.

Cotton & Linen clothes can be worn daily at work, at home, shopping in any space during summer and spring

Silk & Rayon – The Shiny Look

If you want to be original be ready to be copied!

Coco Chanel

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“Coco Chanel”

The look, the feeling of prestige while wearing silk is unmatched. It has a luxurious softness and glossy beauty.

Rayon is a fabric made from wood pulp and treated with chemicals and hence is a semi-synthetic fabric.

Although both Silk & Rayon are soft, comfortable, smooth and absorbent, it does not insulate heat so is best worn in summer and are best used in the evening and luxurious wear.

Wool & Cashmere – The Tender Touch, Interesting Facts


Wool holds moisture and keeps one warm and comfortable. It can be sleek stylish and also fire resistant.

Cashmere is a natural fibre woven from goat hair. It is soft and cosy to wear.

Both wool and cashmere are won in winter and autumn. In places with heavy air-conditioning one can wear wool-lined garments.

Difference between Satin & Velvet

Velvet dresses,

Satin has a soft, even, glossy texture, and reflects light giving the dress a luxurious look. A satin dress holds its shape and very charmingly moves with the wearer.

Velvet has a unique and distinctive, smooth, soft feel to it. It has a luxurious texture and wholesome appearance and hence was traditionally used to make royal robes.

Both these materials catch light and shadow under lights so beautifully that its perfect for glamour wear.

Don’t follow the trend, set the trend


Believe in yourself






Chiffon & Georgette – Peek a Boo

  • Chiffon and Georgette fabrics have their signature style of softness.
  • It is soft see-through and light and gives a delicate and beautiful feel when worn.
  • These materials can be used in summer and in both day and nightwear

Easiest ways to choose which colour to wear

During a wedding let the Bride shine. Extremely bright colours, white and colours that draw attention from the bride to you are preferably worn for a wedding.

Guests should avoid wearing Red, Black and Grey for Indian and Pakistani weddings, although Silver and Platinum is the new alternative for Black and Grey and is a glamorous party colour. Avoid White outfits in Arab and English weddings.

For work choose colours that are not garish or overly glittery. Greys, white formals, cream in fact all light colours are welcome. Friday dress down calls for a bolder statement but depends on the office dress code.

For cocktail events women any colour is welcome depending on the format of the party. Women have a vast array of colours and styles they can wear with their formal dress.

Gentlemen! Watch this space

As a token of gesture for men: a 3 piece suit in Black, Navy Blue and Grey with matching tie and the right shoe colours is perfect.  A tip – never wear Black shoes with a Navy Blue Suite.  For Navy Blue suits your shoes should always be Brown.  For Black and Grey Suits your shoes should always be Black. 

What is modest fashion?

Modest by definition means “unassuming in the estimation of one’s abilities or achievements”. In this modest fashion can be illustrated. Modest fashion is clothing that doesn’t reveal much skin, limited exposure. It aids the support of religious, cultural, faith and taste styles.

What is modesty?

Modesty is part of a beautiful characterises of a person. It shows humbleness, less arrogance and modest in their thinking. Modesty is a tradition brought to life with modern composed exposure and beauty of shyness and innocence.

What fabrics go well together?

There are many combinations of fabrics that fuse well together when created. Linen and Cotton, Wool & cashmere, Chiffon & Georgette. Textures of the fabric make a big difference to the drop of the outfit and how you want the outfit to drape over the body. Therefore, it’s very important to choose the right mix of fabrics.

What is the best material for dresses?

The best material for dresses, Silks, Satin, Jersey, Lace, Cotton, Linen, velvet, Chiffon, Organza. Your dress needs to drape over your body to give you the best shape therefore, choose a material that suits your style, your skin and your body shape.

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