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Modest Dresses to Wear to a Wedding or Party

Modest Fashion

Fashion trends for 2020 seem to be very closely aligning itself to fashion that is deemed modest. Modest meaning conservative wear, less skin revealing clothes, having a sense of demure, a shyness to cover up their body, fulfilment of religious and spiritual requirements which in turn leads to a coy humble personality. Modest also means glamour, beauty, fashion, confidence, modern and intelligence, all within the boundaries of spiritual faith.

The new modest fashionista evening gowns are ultramodern and truly stunning pieces. Adding sequins as a small amount to create some sparkle onto the top of a floating dress or to a pair of trousers or on a jumper can really transform an average casual piece into stylish glamour wear. However, the fancy trend is sequins from top to toe fully embroidered on a light stretchy material such as tulle or mesh or on a knitted woven fabric to give it a shaped glove fitting on the body. Sequins evening dresses can also be made with chiffon, lace and organza which is not so stretchy material but very beautiful in style and drape when worn. Just a tiny minor thing to be conscious of is, we need to be slightly careful when walking and sitting to avoid any noticeable lumps and bumps. Check out our gallery below for the latest beautiful designs.


Feel beautiful in everything you wear, elegance is the new you”  

We are also seeing the glamour jumpsuits that have the sparkle and dazzle, are comfy and you will definitely be in the fashion forward category of stylish modern modest fashionista. To add to the glamour, an additional drape fall has been embedded to give a veil look and appearance for the added demure style.

“Modest is the new demure of fashion forward”

We are also seeing floral patterned lace dresses with light sequin dots. These are the popular styles for day time parties or for formal occasions. Lace is a very light touch see though material, by its very nature in texture it gives a feminine look and feel. In the modest range, there is a double layer of lace to block the see through composition and to completely block out any peeks its teamed over a rayon silk feel with underlining in a thick cotton or a jersey / wool material that blocks any sunlight from entering. It most certainly is a beautiful modest stylish look. You will feel like the princess of the ball.

Modest Evening dresses reminder

  • Sequins on the bodice
  • Sequins top to toe
  • Lace, chiffon and organza maxi dresses
  • Jumpsuits – two tone in fabric and embroidery
  • Floral patterns

What is a modest women?

A modest women is a lady that has a demure look, not to reveal too much skin. A modest woman covers herself from neck down to ankles. The word modesty from the Oxford dictionary means ” not intending to attract especially in a sexual nature”. It comes from having or showing a moderate or humble estimate of one’s merits, importance, etc.; free from vanity, egotism, boastfulness, or great pretensions.

What is modest dressing?

Modest dressing or modest fashion is not to wear skin revealing outfits which essentially meets the spiritual and religious beliefs. In some religions this may include a veil or an ‘hijab’ that covers the hair and neck and in some beliefs the face as well.

What does it mean to be a modest person?

A modest person by definition is a shy and respectful in nature. They do not easily take their clothes off in public and do not wear skin revealing clothes.

What is modest apparel?

Modest apparel is clothing that satisfies the personal, religious and spiritual beliefs. Modest apparel can be very fashionable with long maxi dresses and tunics that are ultra modern and stylish.

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