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The 2 Fashion Styles Every Woman Must Have In Their Wardrobe.

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1. The Ruffle Skirt & Dress

Ruffles skirts and dresses are a must-have for 2020, they need to be part of your wardrobe. They are elegant, makes you look classy, they elongate your body shape and gives the impression a fashionista is in town. You turn heads with ruffles.

The history of ruffle skirts and dresses originates from the 16th Century in Spain, when soldiers wore many layers of clothes and then slashed them in a raw unprepared way to expose the layers of fabric underneath. Tailors soon started to recreate clothes to show the ruffles in a more tailored way.

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2. Jumpsuits That Flatter You

The history of a jumpsuit is an obvious one, however, only when told. Jumpsuits take after the one-piece sky diving and parachuting jumpsuits hence, the name. It was in 1919 when Ernesto Michahelles, an Italian painter of the Futurist movement, invented the jumpsuit, as we know it today. Back then it was known as the “Tuta” (in Italian), because of its “T” shape. Jumpsuits are also called Romper after the baby romper, overalls, bodysuit and boiler suits after your tradesmen. The name is essentially determined, by the actual style variation and the causal or glamour look it has in its appearance.

Women are now the proud owners of a vast array of styles and designs for jumpsuits. they can flatter any body shape as long as you carefully choose the style shape, fabric texture and print that you will feel comfortable in and you can move in it.

You must have at least 1 casual overall and one glamour bodysuit for your party occasions. It’s the epitome of being a ‘cool style’. You have the freedom of movement, on comfort, functional, stylish yet modern and fashionable.

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Are ruffle skirts in fashion?

Ruffle skirts are the latest 2020 trends, its a must have in your wardrobe. Where the ruffle skirt to parties, work attire and as a casual look.

Do ruffle skirts suit all body types?

Yes when worn correctly. If you are athletic in shape you can wear a ruffle skirt that has 4 to 5 ruffle layer, if you are pear and apple shape try and wear only 2 or 3 ruffle layer, make sure the fabric is thin and not thick as this will give a bulky look. Team with 3 to 5 inch heels to give a elongated appearance.

Jumpsuits for women

There are a vast array of jumpsuits for women, you have to explore what looks best on you. Remember the golden rule, wear with a belt around the waist to give a long length feel.

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