The COVID-19 pandemic is on the rise. Up until a few weeks ago, our routines were all about getting dressed up, putting on makeup and doing our hair for work. But now, with the spread of the COVID-19, our routines look significantly different. Whether you like it or not, tackling tasks from your couch, home office or even your dining table has somehow become the new ‘normal’.

Why is it so important to get dressed up while working remotely?

We have all heard and seen memes of people wearing a casual outfit on top whilst attending Zoom meetings along with comfy pyjamas on the bottom and it sure seems like a great way out. But then, why do people emphasize on dressing up for working from home? According to a research conducted in 2012, the clothes we wear can impact our mood and how well we work. In simple words, if your mind associates work attire with being productive, then you will surely find yourself wearing it to stay productive.

However, there are those too who find themselves being productive irrespective of what they are wearing while working from home. Regardless of your choices, the only thing that matters is that you should believe in yourself and feel comfortable while working remotely.

Dress Up Tips!

If truth be told, dressing up to work from home doesn’t necessarily mean that you should put on the same clothes that you would to the office. In simple words, it’s about finding clothes that make you feel comfortable and productive at the same time – probably something that you would at least wear to the grocery store.

Just a simple shower, a change of pyjamas into comfy jeans and a plain t-shirt, a little self-care routine and aligned schedule could do so much for you by alleviating your energy level. You might not notice it, but these little lifestyle choices can leave a huge impact on you in terms of carrying out a healthier and more productive routine.

But, if you think you are not up for that hassle, and the clothes that you wear are not a hindrance between your productivity then, Ata Gal! Go for it and rock the world. Tell them that you don’t have to be all dolled up at 8 in the morning to show your brilliance. Own your style and be confident with it. Don’t let the world tell you you’re any less. Just follow a morning routine, brush your teeth and get out of your pyjamas even if you’re just going to switch to your yoga pants!

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