Our mothers are great and do a lot for us. They love us, care for us, and are always there when we need them.

The bond a mother and daughter share is very special. As the daughter grows older, she starts relating to her mother and understanding her and that is beautiful.

It is said that when a daughter starts wearing her mother’s clothes is when she has truly grown up. The bond a mother and daughter share is very special. As the daughter grows older, she starts relating to her mother and understanding her and that is beautiful. It is said that when a daughter starts wearing her mother’s clothes is when she has truly grown up.  Well, like it or not, our mothers are very stylish and have a great knowledge of aesthetics and fashion. 

So needless to say, there are some style staples from your mother’s closet that you can wear when you don’t feel like repeating your clothes and want a change without hurting your pocket.

Here are 15 ways pieces of your mother’s wardrobe that you can incorporate into your everyday style:

  1. Oversized teeshirts – If you are tired of repeating the same old t-shirts of yours and want a change but your mom isn’t the same size as you, it doesn’t matter. Oversized teeshirts have been in style lately and you can tuck them into your jeans or style them any other way you would like and your problem would be solved. 
  2. Leggings – Nothing is more comfortable than a good pair of leggings and if you and your mom share the same size in leggings, you have won a lottery. You can always borrow (I mean steal 🙂 ) your favorite pair of leggings that your mom owns and wear them under a top, a dress, or even shorts.

3. Cardigan – Grandma’s clothing is back in style, which is great news for all the fashion enthusiasts out there. Now you can borrow from 2 people: your mom and her mom. Cardigans are classic grandma clothing and you can style them in numerous ways. You can wear a colorful cardigan with a neutral-toned monochrome look to glam up and add some color or wear a neutral-toned cardigan instead of a blazer to work. The best thing about a cardigan is how versatile it is. It comes in all shades, colors, and fabrics. Thanks to coronavirus and the boredom that has been a consequence of it, people have started a new hobby: knitting their cardigan, so if you are bored, you can look into this.

4. Blazers – If your mom owns a well-tailored blazer that fits you, there’s nothing like it. Blazers have been in fashion lately because they look chic and make you feel extremely confident. You can style the blazer for both a formal setting or a casual, semi-formal setting and rock it.

5. An oversized sweater – When it’s cold outside, throw on one of your mom’s oversized sweaters and stay warm and cozy. An oversized sweater traps more heat which will keep you warmer than a regular-sized sweater, and you would look super cute in them.

6. Scarves – Scarves are an ageless accessory. You can wear it as a headband, a necktie, a bow, a belt, or tie it on your ankle and it would look amazing. You can also tie your scarf around your handbag if you like. Scarves add a lot of character to any outfit. The best way to wear a scarf is with a monochrome or plain outfit. This way the scarf will be the statement piece and would add a lot to your outfit.

7. Handbags – Our mothers have an entire collection of handbags in their wardrobes. It’s like their entire life survives on it, and if you look at it, it is true. They carry everything from their wallet to a bar of chocolate inside their handbag. You can find anything and everything inside, so it is a great idea to just use a handbag from your mom’s extensive handbag collection when you run out of ideas for accessorizing. Handbags are very efficient, you can store everything you will ever need inside your handbag and have something to hold onto. If you are ever stuck in a zombie apocalypse, a handbag should be your choice of weapon.

8. Fanny packs – Fanny packs are both stylish and practical, like everything else our mom owns. You can store all your necessities in it and carry it around your waist or your chest and roam around hassle-free.

9. Sunglasses – Sunglasses are your savior in summer when the sun is burning your eyes. It’s just an added benefit that they look so good and are always in style. Plus, there are so many types of sunglasses as well: there’s cat-eyed sunglasses, round sunglasses, oversized vintage sunglasses embellished with jewels on the frame, neon tinted sunglasses, and sunglasses that look like you have come from outer space, so you will never run out of trends to try from your mom’s sunglasses collection.

10. Jewelry – Jewelry can never not look good. They make any outfit look regal and elegant. Jewelry also comes in various forms: there’s gold, silver, diamond, and pearl. But needless to say, your bank account won’t appreciate all this. Well, the good news is, you won’t have to buy new jewelry when your mom owns some fabulous pieces of jewelry herself. Whenever there is an event that you need to attend, wear your mom’s gorgeous jewelry and enjoy all the compliments you receive.

11. A fashionable watch – Watches are a timeless, classic accessory. They define your wrist and are very elegant looking. Watches can be expensive so if you don’t want to make that investment, just use one of your mom’s watches. It would be great since vintage has been in trend these days.


12. Scrunchies – Hair ties make for a great accessory. If you don’t have a watch or a bracelet and don’t want a barren wrist, just tie your mom’s scrunchy on your wrist and it would look like you have put some effort and thought into your outfit.  

13. Bucket hats – Since a lot of things from the ’90s are back in fashion, needless to say, bucket hats are back too. My mother used to force me into wearing bucket hats as a child and I hated it. Well, now I have to say she knew exactly what looked good and I wish I had worn them without throwing a tantrum.

13. Perfume – Yes, I know perfume isn’t technically in your mom’s wardrobe but it is still a part of your mom’s everyday routine and you can certainly incorporate it into your style routine.

14. Shoes – Shoes are an integral part of our clothing and often we don’t pay attention to them when we pick our outfit. But our moms do, and thus have a great taste in footwear. They own shoes that are comfortable and look like they are brought off the runway. Borrow any of your mom’s pair of shoes and your feet will thank you. She also has a wide range of shoe collections, so whether you want heels or slippers, she has got you covered. 

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