Ramadan – It’s a month of spiritualist humanity, giving it back to the community and connecting deeply with family and friends. When it comes to Ramadan fashion, the key is modesty. Everyone is expected to cover up more and dress more conservatively during this holy month. This blog helps you to dress with grace, elegance, traditional yet trendy.

1. Floral Detail Modest Dress

 Ramadan falls at the peak of summer and dresses that feature flowers and floral designs are often spring and summer essentials. Floral print is never out of style and they symbolize elegance, sophistication and femininity. These floral prints make it a summer dress with the right grope of freshness.

Smaller flowers and floral designs make a solid color impression and looks great on average to more shapely body types. If your body type is slim to average, then go for balance of larger floral designs and smaller  designs.

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2. Jacquard Evening Modest Dress

Jacquard refers to a fabric that has intricate embroidered work on it. This type of fabric has been typically used in home decor/design elements. However, as of recent times it has made a major leap to the fashion world.

The combination of texture and pattern, fit and flare looks beautiful. These dresses are meticulously designed with a demure high neck and long sleeves. Getting yourself a jacquard dress will always be a good option as it looks rich, timeless and super elegant. Elevate it with platform heels for a statuesque look.

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3. Abaya Elegance Dress

Abaya – It is a beautiful and an elegant option for modest clothing who wants to be in modish and also believe in their cultural values and modesty.

Gone are the days where Abaya’s were designed in just black color. These dazzling outfits involves embroidery or sequinned work/lace detail/cardigan-like style which is pretty different from the traditional Abayas. You can easily wear it to work for a casual and comfortable look.

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Ramadan Greetings to you and your family!

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